Monday, July 03, 2006

It was just a couple of weeks ago that I heard of a friend of my wive's who lives in Paris, and whose husband, a Japanese, works with Toyota there. She is a housewife, seemingly having some free time with both of her children grown up to be artists, one as a pianist and the other as a dancer. She had just said to my wife on her recent home trip to Tokyo that she is crazy about sudoku, somewhat now addicted and devotes most of her time, when she is not with her family at home, to sudoku.

My wife, not a kind of woman interested in anything that holds number, got curious and then searched Google for sudoku.

sudoku - Google Search

As soon as I heard this, an idea coming to my mind was "why not use Excel to do sudoku".

After spending some hours in designing Excel sheets as I tried a couple of puzzles on it during last weekend, I have made my first spreadsheet for sudoku.

Excel Calendar

How to use the Google calculator
Golden Ratio

Google & Excel