Wednesday, August 02, 2006

"Puzzle maker lays down the rules
Sudoku originators sees life's pathos in the workings
The Japan Times Monday, July 3,2006

"Sudoku, the number puzzle that gripped England from the fall of 2004 has now taken hold over 70 countries. Some 260 newspapers in the U.K. carry the maddeningly habit-forming, logical-testing grids and sudoku is looming large in the U.S., Spain and Israel as well.

Yet, in Japan, where the name and current version of the puzzle originated, sudoku is still relatively unknown. Nikoli, the Tokyo company that originally published sudoku, and Maki Kaji, the man who gave it its name, are far from household words."
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Nikoli, whose online agent Puzzle Japan has just been closed down, now announces its own worldwide website Coming Soon!!